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The Drop

Inspired by the graceful essence of water and aquatic elements, the collection aptly titled as “The Drop” is a captivating fusion of Amarah’s signature silhouettes and artistic detailing elegantly brought together to create a harmonious and versatile collection.

The collection is an imaginative portrayal of water through symbolic details capturing mesmerizing design elements, fluid silhouettes and an ethereal color palette. Silhouettes taking the form of long dresses, coats, kaftans and pant-suit sets evoke the fluidity of water. While intricate details of the underwater are meticulously adorned on garments; emphasizing Amarah’s attention to quality and craftsmanship.

As an ode to the title, ‘The Drop’ is creatively showcased through delicate pearls dangling on coats and sleeve cuffs recreating the effect of droplets cascading in a vast ocean. Embellished details reflecting aquatic motifs are weaved onto sleeve cuffs, collars and neckline amplifying the visual impact of each piece. Statement buttons and feathered hemlines further highlight the spirit of coral reefs.

A spectrum of warm neutral hues fused with pops of aqua, teal and solé embrace the oceanic inspiration. While tone-on-tone elements and monochromatic details further strengthens the versatility of the collection.


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